Montag, 26 Februar 2018

Update der Sicherheitserweiterung "Admin Tools" (Version 5.0.2) von Akeeba

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Für Akeeba Admin Tools wurde am 26.02.2018 eine neue Version veröffentlicht (Version 5.0.1).



Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] .htaccess Maker causes 500 error on Apache 2.4 if mod_filter is not loaded and you enable the "Automatically compress static resources" feature
  • [LOW] Feature 404 Shield was always enabled
  • [LOW] Fixed record editing in WAF Blacklist feature
  • [LOW] Fixed toggling published status in list views in WAF Blacklist and WAF Templates pages
  • [LOW] The charts overflow their container and the legend is illegible
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed Console Warn feature causing issues with RTL languages
  • [MEDIUM] WAF Blacklist rules were always applied, regardless if we were in the backend or the frontend
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