Freitag, 11 Mai 2018

Update der Sicherheitserweiterung "Admin Tools" (Version 5.1.0) von Akeeba

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Für Akeeba Admin Tools wurde am 10.05.2018 eine neue Version veröffentlicht (Version 5.1.0).



Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] .htaccess Maker does not block access to static media files for front-end directories which are not listed under "Frontend directories where file type exceptions are allowed"
  • [LOW] Copy doesn't work in Redirect URL
  • [LOW] Fixed default values for 404 Shield feature
  • [MEDIUM] Critical Files Monitor feature was not enabled due to a SQL error
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed blocking non authorized IPs in Emergency Offline Mode
  • [MEDIUM] Missing reason for Critical Files Monitor inside WAF Email Templates configuration

New features

  • Added feature to check if user password is inside any dictionary of leaked passwords. This feature is disabled by default.
  • Added feature to manually unblock a specific IP
  • Added option to allow only specific email domains during user registration
  • Added option to choose if Admin Tools should write the log file or not (required by GDPR)

Miscellaneous changes

  • Changed the debug log file type to .php. READ THE DOCUMENTATION. This may have implications on your host.

Removed features

  • Removed the option to log failed passwords. This could be a security risk since the information is stored unencrypted in the security exceptions database table.
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