Mittwoch, 05 September 2018

Update der Sicherheitserweiterung "Admin Tools" (Version 5.1.4) von Akeeba

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Für Akeeba Admin Tools wurde am 04.09.2018 eine neue Version veröffentlicht (Version 5.1.4).



Bug fixes

  • [LOW] Options requiring .htaccess support shown to IIS and NginX users
  • [LOW] User re-activation email always displays the username as "Guest"
  • [LOW] web.config Maker: "Remove Apache and PHP version signature" causes a server error
  • [MEDIUM] HTTP Referer Policy language strings were untranslated because of the use of an extra "R" in the code
  • [MEDIUM] The feature to check for leaked passwords was enabled for every user group, ignoring the settings

New features

  • PHPShield feature now will block additional stream wrappers

Miscellaneous changes

  • Removed legacy menu params that could cause issues with future versions of Joomla! (3.9 and later)
  • web.config Maker: add automatic dynamic compression of XML, XHTML and RSS documents

Removed features

  • Remove IP workarounds "recommended setting" notice due to high rate of false detections
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