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Freitag, 16 August 2019

Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.7.16

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Am 16.08.2019 wurde für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) die Version 2.7.16 veröffentlicht.


  • Fixed: Block Format items in Editor Parameters not displaying after editing and saving.
  • Fixed: All actions that store a state in a cookie or local storage now adhere to the Use Cookies configuration option.
  • Fixed: Beginning a paragraph with an asterix would result in the character being removed when the space bar was pressed.
  • Fixed: Some toolbar buttons or or editor options in the Features & Layout tab could not be removed or disabled.
  • Fixed: An empty <div> tag is now removed on saving if it is the only content in the editor.
  • Fixed: In some instances the File Browser would use the wrong client url when opened from a media field.
  • Fixed: The File Browser would use the wrong profile if a profile existed that was assigned to a specific component.
  • Fixed: Copying a folder into another folder with the same name would cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed: Updated some code for PHP 7.4 compatability
  • Fixed:   PRO The Code editor would fail to load in IE11
  • Fixed:   PRO Javascript errors in the Image Editor when loading or saving an image.
  • Added: PRO The Subscription Key will now be checked prior to downloading a new update, and a a descriptive message disaplyed if it is expired or invalid, instead of the previous 401 message.

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Zuletzt wurden die Versionen 2.7.14 und 2.7.15 veröffentlicht, mit denen nachstehende Änderungen vollzogen wurden:


  • Fixed: Existing values for repeatable parameters, eg: Directory Filter, Resize Width, Resize Height, were not removed when the value item was deleted using the trash button.
  • Fixed: DIV Container is not added by default to the Format list if only the DIV option is enabled.
  • Fixed: Image dimensions were not correctly updated when drag resizing in the editor window.
  • Fixed: The Link dialog would sometimes produce an error / white page on some systems if the Weblinks extension was not installed.
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC in some modal windows, eg: upload, would close the parent window.
  • Fixed: Update Table dialog dimensions to accommodate the Colour Picker dialog in the Advanced Tab.
  • Fixed: Consolidate table borders when pasting tables from Word.
  • Fixed: Tabbing in the Upload dialog now correctly moves through each form element after items have been added to the upload queue.
  • Fixed: Only update the Description (alt attribute) value when selecting an image in the Image Manager etc. if it has not yet been manually changed.
  • Fixed: Sorting of items in the Folder list in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. is now case insensitive and supports special characters.
  • Fixed: The Invalid Attributes parameter in Editor Parameters -> Advanced, now correctly processes multiple attributes where one or more contains a regular expression.
  • Fixed: PRO Some Vimeo options - Portrait, Title, Byline - are now correctly set when enabled or disabled.
  • Changed: The Folder list in the File Browser, Image Manager etc. is now also refreshed when the Refresh button is clicked.
  • Changed: The Help Site URL option in Options -> General Options has been removed. This will return with additional features in JCE 2.8.0
  • Added: The package pre-install routine now checks the PHP version is 5.6 or later and aborts the install if it is not.
  • Added: Adding a + to a Directory Filter value will allow, rather than remove that directory.

Quelle: JCE


  • Fixed: Added an Inherit option to the Filesystem list for the Image Manager, File Browser etc.
  • Fixed: The columns display in the Image Manager etc. was defaulting to hiding the Folder column.
  • Fixed: PHP errors produced by the use of $this in static functions in Link list.
  • Fixed: Some Link list parameter options were not being applied.
  • Fixed: The editor toggle button was displaying above the Joomla subhead toolbar.
  • Fixed: Some custom Extended Elements with non-standard tag names were causing errors, preventing some actions from executing.
  • Fixed: Remove editor tabs when the editor is remove programmatically.
  • Fixed: Table border styles were not being displayed when the border contained different values for each position.
  • Fixed: The media item placeholder will now use a default width and height style for display where the media item does not use dimensions.
  • Fixed: Media item placeholder not displaying with the correct dimensions due to responsive image styles in some templates.
  • Fixed: After saving the Popups Default option in Editor Profiles, the selection would return to display "Not Set"
  • Fixed: Several issues with the spellchecker when a server-side spellcheck engine is selected.
  • Fixed: PRO Context menu icons not displaying for some plugins.
  • Fixed: PRO Unusual behaviour when editing in SP Page Builder if the Code tab has previously been activated.
  • Fixed: PRO Improved HTML formatting in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO Images were not being rotated when uploaded with the Remove Image EXIF Data option enabled, when the server is using the PHP GD2 library for image processing.
  • Changed: Minor changes to make the editor compatible with Joomla 3.6.

Quelle: JCE

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