Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017

Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor)

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Am 01.02.2017 wurde das Update für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) auf die Version 2.6.8 veröffentlicht.

  • Added: A button - denoted by an "x" - has been added to the Font colour drop-down to remove the font colour from a selection.
  • Fixed: A number of issues related to styles in the Tables dialogs.
  • Fixed: New Folder, Upload and Help buttons missing in Image Manager, File Manager etc. in Safari.
  • Fixed: Form fields not updated when editing a link in IE.
  • Fixed: Search & Replace dialog display in some non-English translations.
  • Fixed: Direction options not working in the Search & Replace dialog.
  • Changed: Merged Find and Replace buttons into a single button.
  • Fixed: Dimension values not updated in some instances when Proportional option is checked.
  • Fixed: Removed truncation of item names and tooltip in the Tree display in the File Browser and Link dialog.
  • Fixed: Some labels not translated correctly.
  • Fixed: JCE MediaBox Popup Caption and Title values would not display correctly if they contain html, eg: a link
  • Fixed: Editor content not saved if the editor is opened in a popup above an existing editor instance, eg: editing translations in the Falang extension.
  • Fixed: Link applied to adjacent text when creating a link on an image that has a float applied to it in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Paragraphs removed from table cells when pasting table data.
  • Fixed: Selecting "Not Set" clears the Classes list in the Advanced tab.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Profile used (eg: wrong File Directory Path) in the Image Manager, File Manager etc. when the profile is assigned to a component.
  • Fixed: Weird resizing of textarea when the editor is toggled.
  • Fixed: PRO Display and function of Margin and Padding values in the Caption dialog when the Equalize option is checked.
  • Fixed: PRO Error on upload when the Thumbnail Editor is displayed, but the Thumbnail option is selected in the upload dialog.
  • Fixed: PRO Image Editor display in Safari 
  • Fixed: PRO Range / Slider display in IE and Edge.
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