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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.7.12

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Am 01.05.2019 war Patchday bei JCE für Joomla!, für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) wurden die Version 2.7.12 veröffentlicht.


  • Fixed: Updated VisualBlocks display with high resolution block labels
  • Fixed: Editor not loading in SP Page Builder when the Spellchecker is set to be active by default.
  • Fixed: Various parameter related issues, particularly those affecting the File Directory Path, and parameters that can have empty values, eg: Resize Width, Resize Height.
  • Fixed: Added back $callback parameter for the getFileBrowserLink method.
  • Fixed: Upload dialog not closing when the upload task completes, if an error has previously been displayed.
  • Fixed: Help dialog labels not correctly translated.
  • Changed: The Allow Root Access option for the Joomla Filesystem now works differently. When enabled, the File Directory Path will be ignored, and the Restricted Directories list will act as a filter.

A significant change has been made to the Allow Root Access option, available when the Joomla (Default) Filesystem option is selected, that may affect some users.

In previous versions, setting this option to Yes would allow access to all the folders in the Joomla root directory, if the File Directory Path was left blank. If the File Directory Path contained a path value, this could not originate in any of the folders listed in the Restricted Directories field, or a default list of Joomla system folders.

So, for example, you could not have a File Directory Path value of media/images or libraries/files, as media and libraries are Joomla system folders.

In this release, the Allow Root Access option will give access to the Joomla root folder, as you would expect, regardless of the value set in the File Directory Path, ie: the value File Directory Path value will be ignored.

The Restricted Directories list will now be used as a filter, and the selected folders will not be displayed to the user, and will not allow access in any way (folder creation, file upload etc.) This list is now an editable list, and values can be addedd or removed as you do with Joomla Tags.

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