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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.6.10

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Am 11.04.2017 wurde das Update für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) auf die Version 2.6.10 veröffentlicht. Derzeit muss es noch manuell downgeloadet werden, da es noch nicht über die Update-Komponenente von Joomla! angeboten wird.

Nachstehende Änderungen aus dem offiziellen Changelog

  • Changed: A more aggressive Word cleanup routine on pasting now produces cleaner HTML with no styles, unless specified in the Styles to Keep parameter.
  • Added: ogg,ogv,oga and webm file types have been added to the default file types for the File Browser.
  • Added: Extended Elements are now treated as custom elements if they are not valid HTML, allowing for support for stuff like <g:plusone>
  • Fixed: Image Manager, File Browser etc. does not remember the last opened folder.
  • Fixed: A local image was treated as external if the url contained a query string.
  • Fixed: Errors uploading if the server does not support PHP multibyte functions (Multibyte support is required for UTF-8 file and folder names).
  • Fixed: Added some missing labels.
  • Fixed: Updated Search & Replace dialog to support long label names.
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary @font-face rules generating errors in IE.
  • Fixed: Duplication of Toggle Editor button when the editor is loaded in some extensions.
  • Fixed: The Toggle Editor button was not displayed if the page is loaded with the editor turned off. 
  • Fixed: Custom Styles not applied correctly in some instances, such as when a selector is specified or when the Container Element & Enter Key option is set to No Container and LineBreak on Enter.
  • Fixed: Email modal in the Link dialog not closing when the Close button is clicked.
  • Fixed: URLs and Email addresses in pasted content are only converted if the autolink_url and autolink_email options are set to true (the default value for both)
  • Fixed: Added pre-wrap and pre-link options to the White Space list in the Styles dialog.
  • Fixed: Hide event fields in the Attributes dialog depending on the Doctype.
  • Fixed: Colour values not correctly applied by the Styles dialog.
  • Fixed: Update the Text Case options to support unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Incorrect max size value displayed in the error message generated when an upload file size exceeds the maximum allowed size.
  • Fixed: Table <td> and <th> width and height values are now converted to style values along with the <table> width and height values.
  • Fixed: The Format list now updates correctly when moving the cursor out of a block element.
  • Fixed: The correct default Yootheme theme.css file is now when the Editor Styles option is set to Template CSS Files.
  • Fixed: Folder tree items are now sorted when a new folder is created.
  • Fixed: Unresponsive Paste button after initial successful paste.
  • Fixed: Text case not respected in File Directory Path.
  • Fixed: Remove noopener and noreferrer as Group values when editing a MediaBox popup.
  • Added: PRO Images can now be resample to 72dpi on upload when using PHP Imagick.
  • Fixed: PRO Caption colour values not updated correctly when edited.
  • Fixed: PRO Captions wrapped around adjacent text when created on an image in IE11.
  • Fixed: PRO Search & Replace in CodeMirror now supports global variable replacement.
  • Fixed: PRO Images are now correctly resized in the Image Editor when width and height values are changed.
  • Fixed: PRO Invalid URL created when inserting a DailyMotion video with the Media Manager.
  • Fixed: PRO Media Manager unresponsive when attempting to insert a Youtube Popup.

Edit: gleich einen Tag später musste nachgebessert werden. Mit der am 12.04.2017 veröffentlichten Version 2.6.11 wurden folgende Probleme behoben:

  • Fixed: Paste As Plain Text button is unresponsive (a javascript error is generated) when the Insert button is clicked.
  • Fixed: The Yootheme WidgetKit editor-xtd button below the editor does not respond when clicked.
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