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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.6.20

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Am 02.11.2017 wurde das Update für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) auf die Version 2.6.20 veröffentlicht.

Nachstehende Änderungen aus dem offiziellen Changelog

  • Added: A custom stylesheet can now be specified for the Style Select list to use, independent of the global editor / template stylesheet.
  • Added: Support for Language Overrides set in Extensions -> Language -> Overrides.
  • Added: "Only from Word/Office Content" option added to the Strip Class Attrbiutes option in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters -> Clipboard. This allows retention of class attributes in pasted HTML, but removes them when pasting from Word documents.
  • Changed: Update link rel attribute value so that only noopener is added to external links, when the target attribute is set to _blank
  • Fixed: Replace content instead of inserting content when using Joomla.editors.instances[].setValue
  • Fixed: News Feeds display in the JCE Control Panel not working.
  • Fixed: A few bugs when pasting as plain text.
  • Fixed: Improved error message display on server operations in Image Manager, File Manager etc.
  • Fixed: Linbreak to paragraph conversion when pasting in content.
  • Fixed: View Mode option in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Filesystem not applied.
  • Fixed: Stop tree scrolling animation when manually activating scroll
  • Fixed: Hide Joomla loader on changing categories after rejecting the Navigate Away prompt.
  • Fixed: Remove base64/file images from content by default when pasting in content.
  • Fixed: Relative URLs issue with Yootheme Pro.
  • Fixed: Formatting of Style Select options that resulted in the list not displaying in PHP 5.4
  • Fixed: Remove use of protocol relative URLs in Youtube and Vimeo embed.
  • Added: PRO Thumbnail options are now available when uploading images in all relevant dialogs (Image Manager Extended, File Manager, File Browser)
  • Added: PRO Support for the meta and link tags as flowcontent in the Microdata plugin.
  • Fixed: PRO Replace All in Source Code view.
  • Fixed: PRO Apply watermark to all resized uploaded images when activated.
  • Fixed: PRO URL conversion when using timestamp
  • Fixed: PRO Removal of some elements when saving in Source Code view.
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