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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Versionen 2.6.37 - 2.6.38 - 2.7.0 - 2.7.1 - 2.7.2 - 2.7.3

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In den letzten Tagen war Patchday bei JCE für Joomla!, für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) wurden kurz hintereinander mehrere Versionen veröffentlicht..

Version 2.7.3, am 14.03.2019

  • Fixed: MediaBox parameters set from the JCE Control Panel were not saved.
  • Fixed: Remove use of deprecated JApplication::isAdmin causing errors in Joomla 4
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop of images within the editor would fail in Safari, Chrome and Opera.
  • Fixed: Editor icons not displaying when Compress CSS is enabled.
  • Fixed: PRO The preview in the Create Thumbnail dialog was displaying incorrectly for some source image ratios.
  • Added: PRO Double-clicking on the crop area in the Create Thumbnail dialog wil now reset the focus area and dimensions to fit the source image.
  • Changed: PRO Multiple Resize Width and Resize Height values can now be added using a repeatable field.
  • Added: A Word Count Limit can now be set in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced. When a limit is set, the Words display at the bottom of the editor will show the number of words remaining. An optional alert can also be triggered when this limit is reached.

Version 2.6.38, am 14.03.2019

  • Fixed: Content items in the Link dialog would show all items regardless of category in Joomla versions below 3.6
  • Fixed: Font colours can now be applied by clicking on the Font colour button.
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop of images within the editor would fail in Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Version 2.7.2, am 09.03.2019

  • Fixed: "Get JCE Pro" branding still showing in the editor footer after JCE Pro installed.
  • Fixed: Some installed Plugin Parameter fields were not being displayed in Editor Profiles.
  • Fixed: Stored Plugin Parameters not being applied in plugin dialogs.
  • Fixed: Added some support for legacy plugins.
  • Added: An option in Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced, to disable object (iage, media, table) drag-resizing in the editor window.

Version 2.7.1, am 08.03.2019

  • Fixed: Language files not loading in dialogs.
  • Fixed: Trigger a search in the Link dialog on Enter when the search input field has focus.
  • Fixed: Align custom toggle editor text horizontally with the toggle button.

Version 2.7.0, am 07.03.2019

  • Changed: Refactor to use the modern Joomla API (3.6+ and 4.x)
  • Changed: Refresh the toolbar and dialog UI with minor layout improvements and new icons.
  • Changed: Remove support for older browsers (IE < 11)

Version 2.6.37, am 05.03.2019

  • Fixed: Fixed a bug in Chrome where deleting across block elements using Delete or Backspace would wrap the content of the adjacent block element in a styled span.
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter in the middle of a list item to create a new list would incorrectly created a nested list item.
  • Fixed: Uploading files of a custom or unknown filetype which have been added as Permitted File Extensions would fail with a mime type error.
  • Fixed: An internal data-mce-empty attribute would be retained when saving in the Code tab.
  • Fixed: PRO The Video and Audio Mute option was not correctly setting the muted attribute.
  • Added: The Joomla onContentBeforeSave and onContentAfterSave events are now triggered when a file is uploaded.
  • Added: PRO "content" is now a valid attribute for microdata.
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