Samstag, 21 März 2020

Update der Backup-Erweiterung Akeeba Backup (Version 7.1.0)

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Für Akeeba Backup wurde am 20.03.2020 ein neues Updates veröffentlicht.


Akeeba Backup, Version 7.1.0

Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] An invalid output directory (e.g. by importing a backup profile) will cause a fatal exception in the Control Panel (gh-667)
  • [LOW] Database dump: foreign keys' (constraints) and local indices' names did not get their prefix replaced like tables, views etc do
  • [LOW] Send by Email reported a successful email sent as a warning
  • [MEDIUM] CloudFiles post-processing engine: Fixed file uploads
  • [MEDIUM] Swift post-processing engine: Fixed file uploads

New features

  • Automatic JavaScript bundling for improved performance
  • Automatic security check of the backup output directory

Miscellaneous changes

  • Enforce the recommended, sensible security measures when using the default backup output directory
  • Google Drive: fetch up to 100 shared drives (previously: up to 10)
  • Improved storage of temporary data during backup [akeeba/engine#114]
  • Log files now have a .php extension to prevent unauthorized access in very rare cases
  • Ongoing JavaScript refactoring
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