Dienstag, 27 November 2018

Update der Backup-Erweiterung Akeeba Backup (Version 6.3.1)

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Für Akeeba Backup wurde am 26.11.2018 ein neues Update (Version 6.3.1) veröffentlicht.

Quelle: https://www.akeebabackup.com/download.html


Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] Site Transfer Wizard: uploading the backup archive through FTP/SFTP had mulitple issues preventing its operation
  • [LOW] We should no longer attempt to load the obsolete Encryption.min.js file
  • [MEDIUM] Restoration: Invalid redirection after deleting the installation directory when not using Kickstart or the integrated restoration

Miscellaneous changes

  • Site Transfer Wizard: detect and report wrong DNS setup and invalid SSL certifications instead of a generic error
  • Workaround for buggy cURL versions breaking Google Drive uploads
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