Sonntag, 12 März 2017

Update des Frameworks Gantry 5 (v5.4.10)

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Hier die neuesten Release Notes des Gantry Frameworks für die Version 5.4.10:


  • Helium: Updated Owl Carousel to v2.2.1
    • Fixed bad HTML markup in assignments administration (#1917, thanks @Quy
    • Fixed regression in handling container.set (#1889)
    • Fixed missing closing tag when editing layout (#1919, thanks @Quy
    • Fixed potential issues with URLs containing spaces (#1902)
    • Helium and Hydrogen: Frontend calendar icon size fixes (#1914)
    • Helium and Hydrogen: Login module styling issues (#1910, #1911)
    • Hydrogen: Frontend article editor, tooltips open up way to the right (#1912)
    • Helium: Frontend article editor, article search button misaligned and partly covered (#1913)
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