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Update der Backup-Erweiterung Akeeba Backup (Version 5.5.0)

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Für Akeeba Backup wurde am 03.08.2017 ein Update veröffentlicht (Version 5.4.0).




  • Joomla! 3.7 Kompatibilität
  • Entfernen des automatisierten Update-CLI-Skripts

Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] Cannot change database prefix on restoration if the backup was taken with No Dependency Tracking enabled
  • [LOW] Notice thrown converting memory_limit to bytes under PHP 7.1
  • [LOW] Workaround for Joomla! bug 16147 ( - Cannot access component after installation when cache is enabled
  • [MEDIUM] Double slashes in the WebDAV path cause 0 byte uploads on some servers
  • [MEDIUM] Version information not loaded correctly (thanks Joe F.!)

New features

  • Alphabetical sorting of engines and installation scripts in the Configuration page
  • Backup on Update: Show the status in the backend status bar (footer), with the ability to quickly toggle it off
  • Prevent simultaneous use of ANGIE (restoration script) from two or more people / browsers
  • Support for Google Storage native JSON API
  • Workaround for Joomla! bug "Sometimes files are not copied on update"

Miscellaneous changes

  • ANGIE for Joomla (restoration): Use alternate method to read the site's configuration, preventing PHP errors from getting in the way
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