Samstag, 03 Februar 2018

Neue Version der Backup-Erweiterung Akeeba Backup (Version 6.0.0)

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Update: Der Beta-Status wurde am 07.02.2018 auf stable geändert

Für Akeeba Backup wurde am 25.01.2018 eine neue BETA-Version (Version 6.0.0.b1).




  • Neues Interface mit neuem Akeeba-Frameset und CSS-Framework.
  • Vorläufiger Support für Joomla! 4
  • Support für PHP 7.2

Bug fixes

  • [LOW] Add-on ANGIE language files would not be included in the backup archive
  • [LOW] Leftover empty file after the end of the Configuration Wizard run
  • [LOW] The Transfer Wizard may select a chunk size which is too big for the target server
  • [LOW] The kicktemp folder and the kickstart.transfer.php file were not removed after Site Transfer Wizard had finished
  • [LOW] Using the Site Transfer Wizard may result in a "wordpress" folder being left behind on some servers with a broken FTP server (technically a bug with your FTP server; we had to remove a minor feature to work around it)
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed connection issue to the database when certain hostnames are used (named pipes)
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