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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.6.9

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Am 09.03.2017 wurde das Update für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) auf die Version 2.6.9 veröffentlicht.

  • Added: Tables will now use align="center" if the editor Doctype is set to HTML4
  • Added: Javascript is now allowed in URL values if Allow Javascript is set to Yes.
  • Added: Add noopener noreferrer rel attribute values to all links when the target attribute is set to _blank
  • Added: Add support for loading external stylesheets for Custom CSS Files.
  • Changed: Update the Search Replace dialog to use latest Tinymce code.
  • Fixed: Various table cell selection issues.
  • Fixed: Added legacy mce_editor selector class to the editor for improved layout support in some Joomla extensions.
  • Fixed: Yootheme template styles would change in some setups when editing.
  • Fixed: Added 100% editor container width to fix layout in some Joomla extensions.
  • Fixed: Font Family, Font Size and Font Colour values updated when selecting an element containing a font/colour style or reset when selection does not contain a font/colour style.
  • Fixed: Autobackup plugin not retaining content when the browser tab is closed or crashes.
  • Fixed: Tree nodes are now updated correctly in the File Browser etc. when a folder is renamed, deleted or opened.
  • Fixed: Font loading errors in IE11 / Edge.
  • Fixed: Reset Format List selection when selected node is not a block element
  • Fixed: Fix line height of Font Size list items
  • Fixed: Remove "_blank" target value on popup links
  • Fixed: Fix SHIFT+Click select of items in the File Browser.
  • Fixed: Remove reference to woff2 and ttf fonts (only woff and eot are now used)
  • Fixed: Window position in IE / Edge when opening a new dialog such as the File Browser or Help.
  • Fixed: Slow loading dialogs in Edge.
  • Fixed: Style formats not applied correctly when the Custom Style Format uses a selector.
  • Fixed: Convert CRLF to LF in all PHP and XML files.
  • Fixed: Default options are now applied correctly for Filesystem options, eg: S3 Filesystem ACL options.
  • Fixed: Editor tabs created multiple times in some Joomla extensions (eg: Hikashop)
  • Fixed: Conflict with TrendMicro toolbar that would cause some fields in a dialog to be inaccessible.
  • Fixed: Alert dialog not shown when an action creates an error, eg: attempting to delete a non-empty folder.
  • Fixed: Class value in Captions dialog not set when a caption is updated.
  • Fixed: Selection of a file item after upload when the name of the item is changed during upload, eg: UTF-8 to ASCII character conversion
  • Fixed: UTF-8 characters converted to ASCII wen uploading or renaming a file despite the Websafe File Names option being set to UTF-8
  • Fixed: Path issues on Windows servers causing File Browser folders and files list to be blank, regardless of File Directory Path settings.
  • Fixed: Styles list is now reset when a selection does not contain a class.
  • Fixed: Styles list now scrolls to the relevant item when a selection contains a class.
  • Fixed: PRO URL value in the Popup tab not set if No is clicked in Use Associated Thumbnail dialog
  • Fixed: PRO Found values not replaced in Source Code Editor when using Search and Replace.
  • Fixed: PRO Do not set title attribute on popup link as the image title should be used instead.
  • Fixed: PRO Update Source Code editor content when content is inserted into the editor by an external script using a Tinymce API call.
  • Fixed: PRO Invalid file name validation causing errors when upload some files.
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