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Update des JCE (Joomla Content Editor) - Version 2.7.7

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Am 03.04.2019 war wieder Patchday bei JCE für Joomla!, für den Joomla Content Editor (JCE) wurden die Version 2.7.7 veröffentlicht.

Version 2.7.7

  • Fixed: Add missing options for plugin extensions in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters, eg: the Popup Default option.
  • Fixed: Existing italics are now removed when the Italics button is clicked.
  • Fixed: Only remove popup data, not the entire link, when the Popup Type is deselected in the Popups tab of the Image Manager Extended, Link, etc.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to convert to Camel Case from Upper Case with the Text Case button.
  • Fixed: Default options in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters were not being applied.
  • Fixed: Some plugin extension options (Joomla Links, MediaBox popups etc.) set in Editor Profiles -> Plugin Parameters were not being applied.
  • Fixed: The language file for "Pro" plugins was not being loaded in "Pro" plugin dialogs, resulting in some untranslated labels and messages.
  • Fixed: Editor Profiles were not being saved when a Components option was selected.
  • Fixed: Various layout issues in IE11 due to a lack of support for some css values.
  • Fixed: Template styles not loaded correctly if .less files are used.
  • Fixed: PRO Proportional Dimension values not updated when changed if the URL is an external source eg: Youtube, Vimeo etc.
  • Fixed: PRO Error when resizing an image on upload if the Resize options are hidden but enabled.
  • Fixed: PRO Error when applying a Crop or Resize in the Image Editor.
  • Fixed: PRO Increased some dialog sizes in the Image Manager Extended and Image Editor.
  • Added: A Validate Styles option has been added to Editor Profiles -> Editor Parameters -> Advanced. Enabled by default, this allows syntax validation of the style attribute value to be disabled.
  • Added: Anchor links can now be removed using the Unlink button. When an anchor is removed in this way, its associated link is also removed, and vice-versa.
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